Thursday, April 12, 2007

why do people get married?

the last time, i asked that, my friend said, 'oh my god, mon! segitu bekukah hati lo sampai lo ga mau married?'
.... #$*&%$# ....

don't get me wrong.. i'm not the kind of girl who are sooo independent that i can (want to) do anything i want by myself.. no.. i love being in love.. and i love having someone that i can share all my thoughts and feelings with.. and when i was a kid, watching all those walt disney movies.. i adore marriage and love.. i wanted to be one of the princesses, who fell in love and lived happily ever after..

though now.. things are really different from the movies.. many divorce, affairs.. why do people get married? i remember once, a friend said that 'there are always troubles in marriage'.. of course, there are, and i don't expect a free-of-trouble life because that would be really boring.. but the main problem is, i saw a lot of people fail in their marriage.. i saw men leaving their wives and kids to be with another woman.. i saw men going back to their parents' house, leaving their wives and kids to live a better life.. i saw married guys, offering other women that they're willing divorce their pregnant wives only to be with them.. then what's the point of marriage if you can't keep your promises? and how come we, girls, would always be the unlucky kamus.translate(pihak) of the divorce?

this is not meant to accuse all the guys out there.. i'm sure most of you would do anything to fight for your marriage.. and i'm not saying that girls are perfect either.. but all of the things that happened really scared the hell out of me.. i don't wanna fail.. and i'm sure noone want.. but how come so many did?

so what's exactly the formula to keep a marriage from falling apart? is love enough? is love + prayer enough? do you need love + prayer + commitment? or do you need luck and miracle and a whole lot more than that?

~or... maybe it wasn't supposed to be thought that much?