Monday, March 31, 2008

i wanna sleep.......

these past few days have been a roller coaster, full of emotion, happiness, sadness, anger, stress, loss of motivation, loss of hope, homesick, etc, etc... and everything has just affected me a lot, i'm having problems to know who i really am anymore..

everyone who has stayed with me for a few days, know that i had awful problem on waking up.. but as far as i know, i have never ever had problems in sleeping, NEVER.. i LOVE sleeping...... :P but in these past few days, i could go on rolling on my bed for 2 - 3,5 hours before falling asleep... it scared the hell out of me.. i don't know what's going on... no matter how sleepy i am, when i crawl on my bed, the sleepiness just fly away.. and there i am, lying on my back, with millions of thoughts in my mind.. it's really stressing, and no matter what i do, i couldn't sleep... :(

so here i am.. feeling sooooo tired because of sleeping at 6.30 in the morning... what's wrong with me?

anyway, things weren't all bad.. :) i'm leaving to Portugal for holiday tomorrow.. hurray..!! I can't wait.. i badly need this.. hopefully I'll have a good time there.. !



At 7:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

kok mirip yah ama gw sebulan lalu :P

At 2:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

@monic......come here....I will treat you well

@ilham......come here....I will treat you well



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